The Whale Hunters, Inc.
Free Masterclass Reveals...
"How to Land Your First 6-Figure Client"
And end the ugly cycle of sell/deliver, sell/deliver once and for all!
** Plus - Get A FREE Video Lesson and Worksheet from this Amazing Program Just For Registering For The Web Class Today!
Live with Barbara Weaver Smith
April 4, 2018
9 AM Pacific  10 AM Mountain  11 AM Central  12 Noon Eastern
What You'll Learn On This FREE Master Class!
"How To Get in the Door--by getting a warm introduction to an executive without cold calling-ever! "
"How to start a trusted advisor relationship in your first meeting with a company executive! "
"Understand why a big company is afraid of you and how to overcome those fears!
You can use these techniques to learn how to get in the door of a bigger company, increase your confidence to call on big company executives, and even build perfect sales tools to overcome the fears that the buyers will never say out loud!
Hey, I even show you how to identify the ideal companies to be your next bigger clients!
In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover in this incredible class:
  •   How do I find the right people to talk to at a bigger company?
  •  How can I get an appointment with the right executive without ever making cold calls?
  •  How can I become a trusted advisor from my very first meeting?
  •  What are a big company buyer's biggest fears about doing business with my company ?
  •  What are all the process steps for me to make a 6-figure sale to a new client?
  •  How can I get an actual list of the companies that would be ideal for me? 
  •  How can I fit my offer into their strategy?

** Plus - Get A FREE "Target Filter" Video Lesson and Worksheet from my new Program Just For Registering For The Web Class Today!
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